The trust thing

The thing you can’t force upon someone else, yet is a game changer in relationships, coaching / athlete environment, performance sport and corporate space.

It is easily one of the greatest elements that contribute to the culture of the organization and environment.

Our SA Olympic gold medal London 2012 Rowing team had a belief and saying that they held themselves accountable too. One that proved to be in my opinion a significant contributor to their success.

“Give the trust, earn the trust”.

I read this in a book I am reading by Tim Shaw, titled Leading self and others, where he mentioned this below in talking about trust and a trust spectrum

It makes me realize and reflect on various leaders, or those whom profess to being a leader. The sweet spot in the middle is not as easy to achieve as we may believe, with many believing they operate within that ‘zone’, however tend to be at the extremes.

I can say you must trust me. I can say to you why, but I truly believe that I can’t really. I can’t because you will formulate your opinion of whether you can trust me, whether I am trustworthy, based on your experiences with me, your opinions on the way I engage and do things and more importantly how I consistently behave, my consistent actions, and whether my yes is my yes.

I have also come to realize trust, as it is earned, is developed over significant periods of time, however can be destroyed in the blink of an eye or a questionable action.

But as in the Rowers motto, don’t expect to earn the trust, if you don’t give it too.

May 2018 be a special one. One filled with trust building relationships.

#BeChallenged #IAm

All the best



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