What are we spending our time on?

I enjoy hearing people’s insights and thoughts in various matters. So I must confess that I enjoy workshops, conferences and general talks where it provides me the challenge of being challenged. My personal goal is always … What is the one thing I can take out of it. 

Podcasts I find a great tool to use as well. Whilst I don’t listen often enough, I do try to when the chance, I guess the Time allows for it … Ironic right –  ‘the Time allows for it’

Ted Talks is one of those platforms I enjoy. This last week was a rather busy one with time spent in my car whilst traveling to some our our student national championships. It gave me an opportunity to use my time a little more efficiently. What would have been hours aimlessly driving in hectic traffic, ended with time listening to some podcasts and music. 

                                                                I felt more productive

One of these podcasts I have listened too is this one below

How to gain control of your free time – Laura Van Der Kam

What free time – right. We’ll take a listen and be challenged. What are we doing to plan our time, to ensure we do the right things, the important things. 

The following stood out for me

“It’s about looking at the whole of ones time and finding where the good stuff can go” 

It’s about first deciding also what is the good stuff and what is the important stuff. 

So take a listen (click on the link) and be challenged. 

How to gain control of your free time




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