Why leaders need to be authentic with their students 

About a year ago I read this article from Dr. Tim Elmore from Growing Leaders, about students and the masks they wear. 

I came across it this morning again and was reminded of the discussion I had with three of my younger colleagues whom still were very connected with the students and had only recently finished their studies. 

I ask the question … Does this also represent what we see in SA? And the answer was a definite and confident YES. 

It concerns me the masks that we wear but especially those of the students. Even more so we then compound the challenges and problems when we add their athletic training, competition and performance expectations to the mix. 
As leaders within institutions, take note, be aware and be sensitive to what is happening around you. We never know how a person is coping or rather not coping. 

Take a read of the Growing Leaders article. 

Why student need authentic leaders – Growing Leaders, Dr. Tim Elmore
Enjoy the read



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