How productive are we? A morning routine – Thrive Global

Came across this article on the #ThriveGlobal platform about how to optimize and be more efficient in your work day. Really challenged me, and I must say that it is something I have over the last while become more aware of. 

Personally I have realised that I need to become better and more attentive to managing my day, so as to optimize my ability. This has interesting enough led to blocking out diary time first thing when I arrive at office. 

One of the pieces that stood out to me, I highlighted through this picture. 

With the words of Dan Sullivan ringing true …

“Wherever you are, make sure you are there”

Dan Sullivan

It reminds me of the words of my wife, when she challenged me a few years ago. Words that not only challenged and still challenges me continually to be engaged at home, but also continually strive to be ‘in the game’ in everything I do. Something easier said than done and where I continually fail in. 

“When you at home, be at home”

Robyn Ball

Take a read through this great article on the #ThriveGlobal platform. 

Ideas to Productivity – ThriveGlobal

The question then is what are we putting in place to be optimal in our day? 

Enjoy the read and be challenged, I am.


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