Do you have a coach? 

In this article on the COO of company Shopify talks about having an executive coach, the dirty little secret of his. But is it such a ‘bad’ thing, why should it be a secret. 

Athletes require coaches. Why should executive athletes not require one too? Why should we all not consider who we listened too, who we want to hold us accountable, and the value of a differing perspective and opinion. 

A very good friend of mine has moved into the space of authentic leadership. Becoming your authentic self, whilst going about your daily tasks and interactions with authenticity. Challenging businesses and leaders to be who you designed to be. 

Reference: Ettiene Raymond, Owner & Founder of Unmatched Potential

A coach, as the sporting world, is there to help you discover who you are, what you need to do, provide perspective and difference of opinion and ultimately help you unravel the WHY! 

Take a read of this article and the lessons learnt by this COO.

My dirty secret. I have a coach




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