How to treat an Outlier student – Dr Tim Elmore, Growing Leaders

What are we missing? 

That’s the main question that comes to mind when I read this article this morning. Dr. Elmore touches on the various keys facts, that when dealing with young individuals, athletes, students we should be considering. 

In my world of sport and dealing with student-athletes I can’t help but wondering about the ‘outliers’ in the Programmes. 

Firstly we challenged to think that just because the individual is outside of the norm, a norm that we often create, that they will not amount to much in future. 

Secondly (if only we could)’ we cannot see and predict the future. We can’t see if this person will one day flourish and bloom into someone special who has enormous impact. 

Thirdly, we don’t know whom we have in front of us, who we are dealin with and what they may become. It may be the next president of your count, the person we need to one day ask to support our Programmes, or leader that will change the worlds thinking. 

Finally, we need to avoid assumptions. Assuming we know, understand and can predict the future. 

Take a read of the blog post attached. 

Growing Leaders – Outliers 

(Credit: Growing Leaders. Blog by Dr. Tim Elmore)

In reading this I am again challenged to treat each person as an individual, help grasp / identify / believe in my and their strengths and potential. 

Enjoy the read. Have a blessed week. 



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