What are we offering?

I remember hearing this said before by a coach that I respect in international sport, a friend who I have seen grow a small rowing programme to one that has now won international medals and has qualified 4 SA boats for the Rio Olympics, with 1 still hopefully to come. 
As coaches what are we offering? What is it truly that we have the potential to offer. 

In the SA National Rowing programme, all the National coach Roger Barrow can offer is pride of a nation and the potential of watching our countries flag get raised as you win the medal. 

Whilst I agree with Roger, I do believe though through him and AJ , the National coaching staff, and the support team they have gathered around them the last 10 years, they actually do offer more. Besides their promise I see them offering an environment where you are introduced to more. It’s an environment where winning is fundamental and learning to cope in the tough world of being a winner is key. 

They offer an environment where being better thank you were yesterday, pushing yourself to limits you never thought possible, challenging my beliefs of my potential and striving to enhance our individual ‘self’ leadership. The athletes who come out of this programme are and will be leaders. No doubt in my mind. 

So again the question then is … What are you offering as a coach? Is it wishful thinking? Is it a bunch of promises that you know can’t be fulfilled? Is it dreams that you know deep down based on this athletes ability and talent they can’t achieve? 

OR are you offering an opportunity for your athletes to be the best that their God given talent allows them to be? An opportunity to be a winner (not only through medals and trophies) in life? 

Sit back and let’s asks ourselves this question. 



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