2015 – what was, 2016 – a leap

So many people have said it and are saying it … 

“I can’t believe that the year is gone”

Guess it’s always a good thing to think a little about what was and what can be in the year ahead. 

So too start off a collage of some special moments during the year, I guess, can only be a good thing.  


This year saw good and bad times, more good I have to say. 

We got to say goodbye to Ma, Granny Babe Smith. Physically she decided to leave us for a special place where her body is now whole. Here’s a link to my post about Gran, she was the true legend. A tribute to a legend – Gran Babe What was special for me was that Gran got to meet both her great grand daughters and even got to share in some close and special moments with them. 

Big moment for Robs and I was on the 12th June when Madison Ball arrived in this scary world. Becoming a father again, with the excitement of not knowing the gender before her arrival, the acknowledgement of the responsibility it is to be a parent and the fear of the unknown, all rapidly runs through your mind. But she captured our hearts straight away. And like that I became a girly dad again, and all of a sudden I had three ladies in my life. The pic of Robs with our two little special Angels is priceless. 
Seeing the special pics again of Madi with her Dad (Grandad) having a special moment and Granny on holiday at the coast reminds me of what is important. 

A pic with me and my two girls at the beach on holiday is such a special one for me. Love these two. 

Keanan has always been a big part of our lives, for Robs since Kee was born and for me since I started dating Robs now 12 years ago. I met this young man when he was the age that Zoë is right now. He has grown so much over the last number of years and 2015 was no different. Moving in with us in December 2014, we have navigated our way through Grade 10, with its highs and lows, but Kee is so much part of our family. He will grow into an even more special young man, that I am certain of, and he will prove that circumstances and others choices will ultimately not define you. 2015 we saw this special young man turn 16, a special milestone in everyone’s life. We look forward to the journey ahead Keanan. 


Watching Zoë at her little school concert, I was so proud and amazed. To see the confidence she has gained in her personality over the last year is truly awesome as she finds who she is and what is important. Robyn managed to capture this in the picture of her doing one of the songs they sang. I love this girl so much! 

Mom and Dad celebrated 40 years of marriage this year in September. Wow an example to us all and especially me. They continually show what it means to be a parent and the concept of sacrificial love. 

It was another good and challenging year on the work front. Being part of the #StripeGeneration is an ongoing blessing as we challenge each other and challenge ourselves to be better. It’s #TuksofNiks and having the honour of being the MC our annual colours and awards evening was something special and allowed me to once again reflect on the amazing athletes and coaches , administrators and volunteers that make the TuksSport systems success. I am Truly blessed. 


Having a family Christmas at our place this year was something I truly enjoyed and was great to have all of us together. Being blessed with a brother in Nic and sister in law in Net, who love our girls and will always be willing to help is a special thing … Family

And then there is the amazing women I get to share life without, to do family with, to play parent with, our moral radar, our optimist, our realist, the one who keeps me and us in balance … My wife Robyn Ball. 9 years of marriage, and doing life together … Thank you my angel. Looking forward to an interesting and challenging 2016 as we do this thing together. 

(Crazy women and a Kee photobomb)
Moving into 2016 I am filled with a sense of expectation, caution, excitement, apprehension, a feeling that it is going to be a big year on many fronts and that 2016 will be a crucial year in our family, work, development and personal environments. 

It is also often said …

‘Make every day count’

Well with next year being a leap year, we literally have an extra day next year that we can make count! So what will we be doing with this extra day, each an every day, 366 of them? What impact will our days next year have on ourselves, our families, our friends, our colleagues, our athletes? Will I, will we make each day count? What big leaps will we take, what leap’s of faith? 

So it God Bless, God Speed, Godly Olympic performances and God as the center in 2016. 



2 thoughts on “2015 – what was, 2016 – a leap

  1. Always always touched by your posts Coach! Many thanks for being such a godly leader to our youth and communities!!

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