What do you smell like? 

‘A shepherd should smell like his sheep’ 

What a great analogy. What a great description of what a leader, a coach, a manager should represent. You, I, should be repel resenting the people we invovled in. If we don’t ‘smell’ like them how do we expect to understand, emphathize, manage and relate? I read this and realized this is so applicable in the world of sport and business. 

Smelling like something, there is an implied association, a closeness, a certain proximity. How close to we smell to the people around us? To the athletes we coach, to the managers we manage, to the administrators we expect to be the glue, to the coaches we guide and direct? 

It’s about getting your hands dirty and getting your smell on. It’s about understanding what required.


Have a great week leading and coaching. Let’s smell like something by the end of the week. 



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