Jordan Spieth’s multisport approach to major success

Develop the athlete first, then the golfer

These words resonate with me on many levels. In this linked article via the Changing the Game Project platform, they look at the successes of the recent USA Open champion and The Masters Champion, 21year old Jordan Spieth. 

Having first won his first major, The Masters, this year at the such a young age, had people sitting up and taking notice. Now with the second major being won, and specifically in the same year, more people are looking at his background in sport. 

When a young athlete achieves great success on the international stage, our first tendency seems to go to ‘he must have started the sport at a very young age, and only done that sport’. And yes in some instances that has been the case. However there is reason to look at other athletes who followed a more all rounded sporting education and upbringing. With that in mind to see what sort of sports the individual participated in that was complementary to the development of the skills required for the primary sport and in which he or she may achieve ultimate success. 

Our role as coaches is to help guide these paths of development with our athletes, in conjunction with the support of the parents. Who of course play an integral role. The question that we should be asking ourselves, when we dealing with our younger individuals is “Are we developing the athlete first?”

In this article they look at the other sports that Jordan participated in and the potential benefit and cross over gain that they brought to his golf game, overall development and success.

Enjoy the read. 


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