Raising a child – It still can be done. A Harvard review

Raise up a child in the ways they should go and when they are old they will not part from it. These are the words in Proverbs. These I believe are also the words that every parent has in mind and would love to see become true. 

As parents we typically want the best for our kids. We will say words such as ‘I only want to best for my son/daughter’. We want them to have a fighting chance at life, in a now fast paced world where the norm today is not the norm tomorrow. 
In this article on a recent Harvard review, they provide some, well it seems simple, insights into raising your child. What is still important. Six basic steps they feel still hold true today, as foundation to raising your child.  They share on 

  1. the value of spending time with them, 
  2. on being willing to vocalize what is important, 
  3. on not giving up and rather working matters out, 
  4. on creating a culture of helpfulness and gratitude
  5. on checking our emotions, and
  6. allowing our kids to see a bigger picture

Harvard resaerchers have looked into raising children and what it takes to raise a child today, in a fast paced world of immediate reward and quest for gratification. 

Take a read, with the article linked below. 

When I look at coaching and coaching of athletes, especially young developing ones, I see our role similar to that of a parent. I see many of these six steps in our mandate as well. Spending quality time, Vocalizing what you want to achieve, never giving up, showing gratitude and being helpful to others so that they too may achieve their goals, making sure we and they keep emotions in check both during the training and the competition and finally helping our athletes are the bigger picture. 

They finish off with the following, and I believe this holds true. 

“Raising a caring, respectful, ethical child is and always has been hard work. But it’s something all of us can do. And no work is more important or ultimately more rewarding.”


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