USA – A culture of Olympic success

USA, the country that has consistently won the most Olympic medals at the summers Olympic Games. Nations have come close, Nations such as China who hosted in 2008, but the USA have performed on the medal tables and with the Gold medals. 

With the 2016 Rio games we see the introduction of a new sporting code, namely 7’s rugby. Rugby? A sport that the U.S. is not know for, wether is be the 15 man or 7’s codes. Yet with that being said I read how their 7’s team has won the Cup final of the London 7’s tournament today.  

 Could this be the upward curve toward the Olympics. A nation who knows how to Peak in performance? A year out and they now start placing the proverbial stake in the ground. 

Question is, and I must confess I don’t know it they have qualified yet, are the other nations taking note of this performance? Does it make them wonder? Does it make them worry? 

And finally would they be or become a realistic contender, against the 7’s traditional super powers of New Zealand, South Africa and Fiji, for the Olympic Gold in Rio? 



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