Luke warm Coaching by Roald Dahl

As a kid growing up, I loved reading Roald Dahl’s books. Whether it was ‘James and the Giant Peach’, ‘Mathilda’ or my favorite ‘The BFG, The Big Friendly Giant’. 

I came across this piece by Roald Dahl. Here he talks about going at full speed, full speed at things your are interested in, enthusiastic about. He talks about embracing it completely and passionately. Being lukewarm is no good! 


In all that we do, where are we, where are you, where am I lukewarm? Do I even realize it? As a coach, we can not afford to and never should be lukewarm. If we passionate about coaching, go at it with everything.  

Firstly, we owe it to our athletes who are expected to put in hours and precise training that has to be replicated in the competition environment. 

Secondly, we owe it to our families. As coaches you tend to bring your coaching home with you. You required to balance a home life, whilst the demands of hours at training and competition and planning, and I hope you planning, are high. 

Thirdly, as I said planning, are you planning? You can never be lukewarm in your planning. You have to spend the hours and hours doing it. It’s not something you cannot do, wish away or do it half heartedly. 

Finally, you, me, we, can never afford to be lukewarm with our athletes. It is crucial that they know you in it to win it. If they willing too put in the work, you will too. You will challenge them daily to be better. Better at their training, better at applying their skills, better at how they execute their learnt skills in competition. 

And we’ll Finally, final, they need to know you are with them all the journey. They need to know you care fully about them. And often that caring extends way further than you think and way more than just into their sport environment. It extends throughout their lives and into their schools, colleges and universities. 

So get rid of those BFG’s, the Big friendly Giants in your lives that limit your coaching, and don’t be lukewarm! 


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