Practice to be able

Much was often written and said about David Beckham, his lifestyle, his family, his style and specifically his life in football. That being said many commentators of the game would comment on the amount of practice and hours of additional training to perfection he would go through to perfect his game and specifically the free kick situation. And he could take a free kick! 

Thought: Practice so that you will be able to take that one opportunity! 

Saw this tweet this by Joe Crann, a journalist, in celebration of David Beckham’s birthday. It seems Joe had heard this story from someone who was present.  Below is an account that Joe recollects in a discussion he had. 

Practicing to be able, able to take that unique opportunity to change a moment in time, a moment where you get to put your hand up as an athlete to change the outcome is something special to yourself or many others. 

Our challenge in coaching is help create an environment so that our special athletes can be able I take that opportunity. But it’s not that simple and we know that. We know that by all our athletes are wired in the way in which David Bekham is and may have been in his sport. Not all our athletes are willing, on their own often, to practice to be able. 

It takes a special athlete, but I believe it also takes a coach who encourages such behavior and creates an environment to succeed. But what it also requires is trust. Trust that when the moment presents itself, as difficult, challenging it may be, that the hours of practice will pay off. It requires trust of the coach off the pitch, trust of the captain in the moment and trust by the rest of the team (even if things have not completely been going right) that it will work. And yes an elimant of faith at that point in time is definitely not wasted. 

So practising over and over again is crucial, it’s where it starts. It does not start during the game, in that moment. 

His hairstyles over the years may have changed, but his consistency of effort and practice did not seem to. The same man seemed to remain.    

Happy birthday Becks. 

So the lesson, Practice to be able!


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