Coaching Leadership … What are you Core Values?

As a coach or sporting leader, the question should be asked of you … ‘What are your Core Values?’ For some it may be easy to express and for others it may not be possible. You could find yourself on either side of the spectrum.

So where do you find yourself? I suppose though the question could and should extend to what are your non-negotiables, the essence of beliefs and value that you are just not willing to compromise on. 

Core Values … A set of beliefs, non-negotiables that you will never compromise. 
Core Values
What are your values? What are the things you value most in life?

Your personal values vs coaching values vs Values of the athletes you coach. In a recent discussion a prominent and highly successful cricket coach said that “things did not work out between him and the captain because they have different values. They collided”

Once you have your big vision, your values your goals, what you do day to day should be based on them. Partner with someone for accountability, as it’s easy for us to be strayed.  And don’t forget to have a personal coach, mentor, nearby. The stronger your support team, the more you can live through your values. 


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