Linda Dlamini – ‘A full Dash’ – A tribute

With shock this morning I heard about the tragic passing of Linda Dlamini, a person I got to know, in a small somewhat limited way, as someone who was able to light up the room and make others troubles disappear. (Even if it meant arriving fashionably late for the TuksHockey function this year)

I most definitely can’t claim that I knew Linda super well, but what I do know and was fortunate to observe, is that she was loved by many, and loved everyone. Even on the few occasions I noticed she was down, she was able to care about the other person and pull them up too.

I got to watch and know her (in a very small way) as a person who was passionate about everything she did and all who came across her path. Her ability, through her infectious smile and laugh, to draw people toward her, was a gift. Her ability to ask ‘how are you’, even though she may have not been doing well herself, was a gift. Her willingness to put in the effort and hard work, beyond the expectations of others, was a gift. Her passion for the TuksHockey club, TuksSport, the hockey players and family, the kids she mentored at the Hpc and the CandyStripe, was a gift that was contagious.

On the final day of Linda being with TuksHockey and TuksSport,about to start a new chapter last year in the rep industry, I was fortunate to be able to wish her well during the weekly TuksSport tea. I shared the following quote with her, one I felt appropriate to Linda

“Nothing good comes in life or athletics unless a lot of hard work has preceded the effort. Only temporary success is achieved by taking shortcuts”‘

Now looking back today on that quote, I believe this was true of Linda. A lot of hard work went into everything she did, so that she could achieve success, with her path destined for greater things.

I heard a talk recently at a conference where the pastor said that one day on our grave stones there will be two dates. The first date for the year we were born and the second date the year we passed away. Separating these two dates is a dash. The dash he said symbolises our lives and posed the question ‘how full, how long, and how much impact will yours and my dash represent?’ That was a challenging question … What will my dash represent one day? What I do know for sure, is that Linda is leaving behind a full dash, a dash representing a life lived to the fullest, a dash representing a life of impact. Reading the messages, tributes, shock and reflections on the various social media pages today of Linda, I see just that. I see impact. I see how appropriate the words penned into this photo below, that she posted earlier this year in Facebook, are.

In her case it was definitely about the story! A lesson for each of us.

RIP Linda Dlamini, a true lady, with a big heart, big smile and infectious laugh. You will be missed by many, but never forgotten. You were part of the TuksSport, TuksHockey, hpc family, an integral part.


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