Free, no more 2 half

What a journey the last 3 years has been. Being a father is more than I expected, an amazing yet challenging journey.

This little angel has turned free today and I remember the moment she made her appearance and every one after that has been special.



Along the journey, that has gone so fast already, we have been blessed to witness the real character coming to the fore. I truly thank The Lord for the amazing blessing ZoZo has been to us and so many around her.




She is growing so fast and we love her more each day.
From her birth to 1st birthday,


To the not so terrible two’s


To the love of running, smiling, laughing



To her ‘Hello Kitty’ 3rd birthday party.

Happy Birthday my little Angel, I love you more than you know!
‘Every good and perfect gift comes from above’

Don’t ever change and don’t ever allow yourself to be conformed to something you not and something others want you to be!



Happy Birthday my precious


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