Free Giveaway to celebrate Freedom Day

FREE VARSITY ATHLETICS tickets 28th April @ the ABSA Tuks Athletics stadium

So to celebrate 20 years of Freedom and Democracy in SA and the successes of the TuksAthletics program the last couple of weeks we are giving away free tickets to tomorrow nights Finals of the 2014 Varsity Athletics meetings.

It promises to live up to its EXPLOSIVE MONDAYS reputation!

On the back of TuksAthletics winning the national USSA championships yesterday and the first 3 legs of the Varsity Athletics meets, tomorrow night will be a spectacular evening of great athletics.

Come and be part of TuksAthletics chasing down their 2nd consecutive title in 2 years. They are unbeaten and look to repeat it tomorrow night.

How do I get my tickets?
Option 1 – go tomorrow to the TuksAthletics club during the day to collect to avoid the rush in the evening
Option 2 – pitch at the gate in the evening and get access. We aim not to turn anyone away!

BUT first come first serve – limited seats available. If we full, gates will have to be closed!

Come and be part of the action! Witness History! Watch Explosive action, Explosive Athletics!

Action starts at 17:45, with the opening ceremony at 18:00

Don’t miss it, you will be disappointed!!!




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