2013, the year I last a 1/3 of me but gained more

As I sit here in Houston Texas, USA (at my sister & brother in laws house, after Robyn and Sonia ran a half marathon this morning – one of there bucket lis items, to run together) having watched the CNN broadcast of the famous ball drop in New York last night, I can’t help but reflect on 2013.


Reflecting on the abundant blessings that God has provided myself, Robyn and Zoë. At the same time I sit in anticipation of what will come in 2014, with great expectations and appreciation of Gods influence in our lives. In anticipation of a year I know will be a big one in our lives, which I look forward to sharing with our family and friends along the way.

So as I sat and watched the show, I thought back to a year ago where on the 30th December 2012, I decided I no longer could carry on living an unhealthy lifestyle. “How could I be promoting a High Performance program at work, when I can’t even get myself in gear?”, “feeling uncomfortable when I do the smallest tasks is not right!”, “my quality of life with my family is being jeopardized!”, “I must do something now, can’t wait any longer!” We’re questions thoughts that came to mind.
20140101-225120.jpgDecember 2012

20140101-225217.jpgDecember 2013

Before I elaborate more i must say that 2013 was a great year for us with numerous blessings. I am fortunate to have an amazing wife, who astounds and surprises me all the time, a daughter that is

20140102-083516.jpgso special with an amazing God-given character that is peaceful, caring and full of life.


I was reminded of the importance of family this year in numerous moments that will help refine and define me. They were moments like the ongoing love and care our parents give us, and the way they remain loyal to one another after being married for 38 years. With my dad retiring after 44 years of dedicated service to one company. How they look after and care form us their grown children, how they care for our grand mothers and especially during the time when Oumie turned 90 and fell and passed away a month later. The special moments I was blessed to have around the time of Oumie turning 90 and her passing.


Getting to spend the day with my other gran as she turned 87 on the day that the father of our beautiful rainbow nation South Africa.


The honour of being the bestman at my brothers wedding, knowing that this was a moment he longed for – to get married and we are so happy he found Jonette.



Being able to travel with Robyn, Zoë and Keanan to the USA this last December.

20140102-084925.jpg Here we got the opportunity for Zoë to get her US citizenship, thanks to my mom in law and the legacy she left for her, for us to see so much of the US, to spend Christmas with Robyn’s siblings and at the same time experiencing a true white Christmas.

Here we both got opportunities to tick off bucket list items like getting to watch a live NBA game />
20140102-084325.jpg and for Robyn and Sonia being able to run a half marathon together.

20140102-084609.jpgSeeing the joy on Keanan’s face to spend Christmas with his dad was also special. It’s been an amazing trip, one that we are blessed to have been able to come on. And tomorrow Robyn gets to see NASA space center, a dream of hers, considering she wanted to become an astronaut!

So back to the lifestyle change for 2013 …
Some values & thoughts I would like to share …
Goal – be healthy. ‘Cant live like this anymore’
I need to make a lifestyle, so I gave myself a year!
Start weight 135kg, goal weight 110kg, end weight 93kg, weighing now 7kg less that when I arrived at University to study in 1997.
Started 30 December 2012, hit my goal weight 22nd April, continued to slowly decrease till 8th November 2012.
Amount I wanted to loose 25kg, Amount lost 42kg
Start pants size 42 (tight), end pants size 36 (loose)
Start shirt size XXL, most now a XL, had to buy some L’s
Percentage of weight lost from start 31.1%.
Weighed in on the 31st December 2013, officially a year after starting, at 92.8kg. Wow I made it, a full year, and the response way more than I ever imagined.

More remarkable in my case is the exercise part. I knew this time around I needed to do it via eating and then bring in achievable weekly fitness goals. So after 10 weeks I started exercising and my goal was and still is 3x per week 20 minutes of continuous exercise. My argument, if I could not do that and achieve that then there is something majorly wrong with me.
So when I started I could not even jog 200m without battling and stopping. Over the course of March through to December I progressed where I was able to run 8km (most ever) with Robyn in under 50min, something that I and Robyn have longed for to be able to do.

Does this make sense – no
Does it defy norms – in many cases yes
Does it make me feel great – YES
Do I know that this could not been done without Gods strength & Rob’s support – YES

Questions I have been asked along the way (some of my responses in brackets)
… What did you use? (Nothing)
… Do you have a slow puncture? (No I don’t)
… Are you ok? (Yes I am)
… Is Robyn not feeding you (to which I answer she never did!)
The exact details of the process I will go into at a different stage.

So at a year end function I “won” a prize for the person who lost half of themselves this year. As I collected my chocolate prize, the individual said “Now don’t go and find it next year!” It was said tongue in cheek but I suppose in many ways that is one of my biggest goals and fears.

Looking back on 2013 I am truly appreciative of God’s provision, his will for our lives, His influence on our relationships, and Him helping me achieve some of the greatest achievements of my life by putting my body in better shape. He has blessed me with a job that is not a job, but something I get challenged in daily.

20140102-084140.jpgThe challenges faced and the successes experienced over the year were special and I will treasure many moments, victories and working with the passionate staff of TuksSport.

It would be wrong of me to not acknowledge His influence in my life and our families.

So looking into 2014 I am excited for what it holds. I am excited for my work and how we will look to develop the system and successes created over he last number of years. I am excited about what the year holds for our little family, and look In anticipation for a year that will hold significance for us. And in February as I am half way between 30 & 40, I can’t help wondering if I am supposed to start planning my mid-life crisis 😉

All in all I trust I can move closer to what God has in stall for me and my family, as I look to honour him in everything I do, through the gifts and talents he has given us. And I know we will have to rely on his provision, guidance and grace throughout.

“Only fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things he has done for you. But if you still do wickedly, you shall be swept away, both you and your king.” 1 Samuel 12 verse 24-25 (ESV)

Cheers to 2014



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