Goodbye to a man who taught so much

Today we should be celebrating a great life, a man who knew the person he served and how to get the best out of them for the greater good. A man who’s personal aspirations, goals and likes were placed second for a heater cause. A man who taught reasoning and that through a contagious smile you could see the individual. A man that changed the world through a small country on the southern tip of Africa. A man that I would loved to have met and just asked HOW?
How did you see the people behind the hatred, the fear, the opinions, the craziness of out country? How did you know when and where we’re the appropriate moments, responses, reactions to people?
Today I honour you for everything you gave, everything you taught, everything you showed, everything you believed in and everything you were willing to do.
Today I trust you have found peace and I trust that peace is in Heaven with The Lord our Saviour.
Good bye Tata Madida.



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