It takes a village, yet the village is up in flames … Our athletes are suffering.

It takes a village, yet the village is up in flames … Our athletes are suffering, our society is suffering BUT yet it just carries on …

All the back and forth between the leaderships, all the who’s in charge and who’s not, all the you this and you that is forgetting one thing …

ALL the athletes young and old who have the dream and aspiration
to be Better,
to challenge themselves,
to live up to their full potential,
to live out their God given talents,
to have meaning and purpose in their lives through sport training and participation,
to live out the Olympic dream – Citius, Altius, Fortius,
to train themselves to limits they never thought they could get to,
to walk a road with their coaches who guide, parent, lead, discipline these young men and women,
to know what it means to run with purpose not punching aimlessly in the air, but with perseverance and endurance their race laid before them AND ultimately
to use sport and training as a metaphor for life and what they will need to learn to be better citizens of life and our beautiful God given planet!

In the latest articles and media reports around the situation of Athletics in SA, it is again just another snapshot of what our athletes are exposed to currently, and unfortunately I can’t see it getting better before it gets worse… This is ultimately not the dream and plan our Lord had in mind, and its definitly not the dream that the likes our Madiba had for our young generation.

An african proverb says “Its takes a village to raise a child”. Currently our village is in war with itself, its up in flames – so who is raising our children along the RIGHT way?

May we re-look, re-focus, re-direct our energy and impact … Its not about us as ‘so-called’ adults, as ‘so-called’ administrators, as ‘so-called’ coaches, as the ‘so-called wise ones!


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