There’s Life after Life

There’s Life after Life – sermon by Pastor Mark @Eastside Community Church

2 places exist after this life.
… There’s a heaven and a hell
… We assume that most Christians believe there is a heaven and a hell. But is this really true. It’s very easy to believe Heaven – well we serve a loving caring God – so surely if our God is this loving, can’t create a hell – something bad, awful and a place we don’t want to go to?!?

Question thus is … Why were Heaven and hell created?
… Heaven to be a place where God and man can remain in contact and intimate.
… Heaven will be a place where nothing will and can stand in your way for perfect intimacy.
… Hell however was created for the devil and his demons! Nothing else. God created a place where they could be separated from Gods presence. It’s a choice to be separated from God!

As soon as we start deciding who is going where, we have crossed a line where we tend to be trying to play God. However, I / we / you will know where you are going!?!
The example is the crucifixion. If we were just watching it from the sideline we would have thought the other thief would end up in hell, however we would not have know about the intimate conversation that the thief and God / Jesus had on the cross, where Jesus ends by saying to him … Today I will see you in my house … God provided salvation to him, salvation that is a special thing chosen by you and given to you by God!

Eternity has only two options! We are invited to attend the great party in Heaven.
Matthew 12:30 “whoever is not for me, is against me!” It’s our choice, God gives each of us the choice – our loving and caring God! We are all chosen and predestined to Heaven, but we still have e choice to get there!

The worst thing about hell is that it’s a place so separation. Hell is a place is death. It’s a separation from anything good. But while we are on earth we have an option still and a choice. There is still the potential of salvation! God is still gracious. However in hell, there is nothing like this, there is no potential.

Heaven is a place of transformation!
…1 Corinthians 15 verse 5 onwards
… For the new body to live, the old body must die!
… The plant that rises from the soil has a different body from the dead seed.
… Even Jesus Christ went through the same process. He had to die to give life and give life to us in abundance. Jesus the ultimate vessel of our salvation.

The new body is glorious in unique splendor! No eye can see no ear can hear what God has in store for us …

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