Thoughts from Leaders in Performance – master Class

Thoughts from the Leaders in Performance – master Class hosted at Cricket SA

MilanLab – sport science and medical innovation currently leading in the wold

Culture before sport science!

Emotional intelligence of the athletes! Roger Barrow. If they can’t Cope they won’t

The success of an intervention is directly related to the interior of the intervener – Paddy Upton.

Mental toughness – Corrie Vn Zyl
– awareness
– relationships … Understand the system
– trust

How many physical errors are actually an emotional mental cause! Many!

What is the team culture being created subtly.
How do we express ourselves at the same time as expressing freedom, but also developing trust between coach and athlete when they make a mistake???

What is our intention??? Specifically as coaches.

We give instruction and expect something else!

How would I apply -Play, Reflect, Analyse / plan, Practices to the coaches within a system we involved in?

What are your Pure intentions?!? (Within the coaching staff have to ask question

Create an environment where athletes make the call and choice!

The art of building a winning culture – who are we as a person, my personal mastery!

Players especially the senior players guard and control the team environment and culture. The head coach reminds of the systems rules and where we going!

Who are you being as a coach???!!!

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