Foundations Series @ Eastside Community Church – The Bible

Foundations Series @ Eastside Community Church – The Bible
Sunday 17th Feb 2013

What would my true map and GPS system to know and find God?
– The Bible

Knowing God is a journey of discovery much like the ultimate race where God leaves clues along the way.

Make sure you pursue God, through everything.
Pursue the clues that God has placed along the way and road.

1. The Bible
– it has a mysterious power. Lives are constantly changed when it is read seriously. – tells of God’s love for man.
– tells how God will work with man – prophecy.
– tells God’s story of how he interacted with man
When you look at the bible, you must look at the whole bible, from Genesis to Revelation

Claims about itself. 2 Timothy 3:14

– It was God breathed!
– Teaching, rebuke, correction and training in righteousness
– So that we can be equipped for every good work. It was given so that we could live the best life. ‘They are living the best life!’

When God speaks to you through the word, respond to that directional pointer!

2. Revelation
– the sum total of how God shows himself to man!
– without revelation we cannot see God!
2 kinds of revelation
– General
Even though we can’t come to God in this way it helps us to see the way of God Psalm 19

– Special
God showing himself to particular ways drawing himself closer to us.

Personal revelation – It’s how we come to God. It’s how God speaks to only us Revelation for the whole church – the bible is all that we need.

Man lost his ability to connect with God because of the fall.
God inspired many people over a period of time, his people, what and how to write.

Our responsibility is to respond to the revelation that God gave us. We have to allow the truth of the bible to wash over our lives for it to be an impact. There are moments of illumination where the Holy Spirit makes us awake to something often read or heard on numerous occasions.

Just pick up the bible, God’s word and read it!!! Start with the source, the source of illumination!

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