Eastside men’s breakfast – Dave Crewe-Brown (Conquering cancer through The Lord God)

Eastside men’s breakfast – Dave Crewe-Brown
– conquering cancer through The Lord God

God loves me and his love is forever and eternal.
Hardships before has prepared me for the cancer

James 5 vs 16

Their prayer was to use this challenge to His Glory!

The word of God was an inspiration and lead to Dave.
God gave Dave a peace that could only come from The Lord.
“Never before has God give me a platform to share and testify” -Dave CB

Through the chemo, even God can use poison to His glory.

God knew everything, before it happens.
His mercies are new everyday.

The cancers return, was a huge blow. Was a tough time and challenged the faith. But he asked for God’s refinement, drawing my closer to you.

Gods hand and teaching us lessons along the way. God allowed suffering so that the Body of Christ, the church, to come together.

Everything in life is meaningless, when you face the challenges of death.

God has created our bodies so perfectly.
Many blood transfusions were evident of God’s sons blood on the cross for us. Other people giving of there blood.

Opportunities of sharing have been huge, through a challenge such as cancer.

Give praise to The Lord for healing. It tough at times to physically trust, but His grace was sufficient and His healing enormous.

Corinthians 5 vs 17

Don’t wait for the challenge, build your faith and trust in The Lord God today! What will you do if you heard you were terminal, but we are all terminal!

Father God is there waiting for each one of us with open arms! Be victorious in Him!

Thank you Lord Jesus!!!

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