Winning – not a part time thing

@frankdickcoach: No one is a part time winner. Winning is a choice for life. It is how you live your life. It is being all you alone can be in every moment (via Twitter).

Reading this tweet earlier tonight made good sense and something I can agree with. We get so caught up in ‘winning’ as athletes and coaches, that we often loose focus of what it entails and is all about. What we also forget, as mention by Coach Frank Dick, is that winning is not a one time, now and then thing. Its a ‘Life’ thing. How we live our life out each day that contributes to the success of winning.

Everyday, every moment, its a choice to win. Live each moment as a winner, not only some times when you remember and want to experience it. This does not however mean that living a ‘winning’ lifestyle each day is going to be easy. Not at all, it will be challenging and often challenge the norm.

God also expects each of us to to live like and be winners. Per implication, we first need to join the winning team (God’s team, by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour) and then follow the walk of a winner each day.



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