Discipline vs regret – a challenging quote

“@motivatquotes: We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.” ~ Jim Rohn

This is very true, we will suffer, its just which one that will make the suffering ‘pleasant’, I suppose.

As my squad gets back into full swing of things for this new year on Thursday, there will be some suffering and particularly after a ‘break’ (even though I trust that they all have kept active with the programs I have provided them), the pain of discipline and being disciplined in training and focusing on the task at hand will be a challenge. If they neglect to ‘become disciplined’ to the squad sessions and or they were not self disciplined over the holidays, they will find this challenge great.

The other end of them not being disciplined will most definitely be that of regret and disappointment in the long term. This can particularly be the case if / when they don’t achieve results based on their ability due to lack of work, effort and commitment.

Similarly in the Christian walk of faith, we are required to walk a disciplined road, along the straight and narrow. This is not an easy road, but the fruits of this labour is great, similar to the fruits of the sporting labour. However, choosing not to walk this route the pain of regret and disappointment is far greater than the pain we experience committing ourselves to the Christian faith. The long term benefits of the ‘pain’ of discipline far outweighs that real pain experienced if we do not.

We are told in the bible to discipline our bodies like the athlete!

So as we start our final cycle of the 2011/2012 swimming season and I coach my athletes to prepare them for the final, main national competitions of this season, disciplining themselves and their bodies is a challenge I will be placing in front of them continuously.



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