Coaching Lesson # 1 – DMC (Deep Meaningful Conversation)

“Coach we need to have a DMC!”
Well I looked at this 18year old male swimmer of mine and wondered, ‘what on earth is a DMC’. Think he saw my bewilderdness, so he proceeded to inform me what a DMC was / is – “A deep meaningful conversation, coach!” Well I had learnt something new, something the young teenagers of today have developed and use when they chat to one another.

So I had been pulled into the ‘cool’ circle maybe, I had been shown a piece of the young generations world, or had I? Or was it that I had been seen with some respect as my swimmers coach? Or was it due to the fact the many athletes, particularly those who want to have a good relationship with there coach, and also may look up to them, would like their coach to provide them with input on how to do things, more than just coaching, to impact there lives.

This is challenging for both parties, as it means that both have to be willing to ‘have the DMC’ and interact in each others lives.

So as a coach, be prepared for the unexpected, the thing you don’t know about, the dynamics of your athletes, particularly your younger athletes and be willing to be challenged beyond your sometimes, comfort zone. These DMC’s are often very meaningful moments for both the athlete and the coach, but you have to allow it to be.

Over the last 10 years I have been fortunate enough to have been part of numerous DMC’s (even though for the majority of my coaching time I did not ‘know the term’). They have impacted me more than I realise and I hope that they have had significance and meaning for those athletes.


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