Off-season; Pre-season; In-season; Reflect-season

Tis the season for reflection. In sport, as coaches we continually plan. We make big plans, and small ones and smallers ones of the big ones, but probably the one we battle with most is sitting down and reflecting and looking back on a period of time to see what worked (if anything), what did not work (hopefully it all did – but we know that is never true).

This time of the year always allows me to do this to a degree. With our provincial champs, which forms the end of a major training cycle and one where we want our swimmers to peak for the competition, and more often than not, me taking a ‘break’, ‘holiday’ over this time of the festive season, it usually creates an opportunity for me to enter the ”reflection-season” of my periodisation plan, my coaching, the way I do things and my overall functioning / existence / and specifically where I am going (calling) and if it is part of God’s plan.

In follow up posts I will explore what aspects can be addressed further during the ‘reflection-season’

God Bless

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